Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mutual Aid

Who would have anticipated that the most pleasing event in my work recently would have been visiting two old gentlemen in hospital?

I've been to see Colin many times and told you about one of them before. Now he is in a different hospital and waiting to go to an environment where he can be looked after a bit better than at home. 'Have I told you before how lucky I am? Made it to 94', he said. I noticed a lovely art card on his bedside table, brought by a couple of friends. I suspected it was Dorset, and so it was, Charmouth beach to be precise. 'It reminds me of holidays', said Colin.

Round the corner in another ward was Keith who is a bit more confused than Colin but is also ready to go, provided somewhere appropriate can be found for him. I discovered on this visit (the hospital social worker happened to be there) that he has a nephew who will help to sort things out. 

I was so grateful to be able to see Colin and Keith. There's nothing very explicitly churchy about these encounters, though we pray in very short and simple order and say the Lord's Prayer. What else is needed? My visits help to keep them part of the community, but then they perform the same office for me, don't they?

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