Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dramatic Dalmatic

I said that I would put up some photos of the red dalmatic I bought for the church on the occasion of our curate's first mass, so here is one. I think it's technically a tunicle as there is only one horizontal gold band rather than two; not all such vestments follow that pattern, but the sleeves are also closed making it impossible (or at least pointless) to wear a maniple with the garment, implying that it's intended for a subdeacon rather than a deacon to wear. I don't think that matters too much. It's very nice, anyway.

There is some wear to the seams and shoulders, and some of the fringing had come loose when I bought it: I repaired the latter pretty easily, but work on the frayed silk along the seams will take a bit more doing. I managed to get some completed before June 29th, but it's a remarkably slow process and one I am not especially keen to return to.

We won't use this very much, but if we get going with my attempts to ratchet up the main services on Easter Day, Pentecost and Christmas, it will get an outing on the second of those. I got it from Church Antiques in Walton: although I know it came from a St Alphege's somewhere I know no more and will have to make enquiries.

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