Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another Sort of Devotion

As well as Thursday being the day of the Infants Palm Service, it also marked another commemoration: the 25th anniversary of the release of PJ Harvey's first album, Dry. Twenty-five years, brothers and sisters, imagine that. It hardly bears thinking about.

I have never been one to buy memorabilia (apart from the music itself) and Ms H has never been one to produce much, but Hope Six seems to have marked a shift in policy and a reflection of that is the little monkey badge designed by Michelle Henning, who's married to Polly's long-term collaborator John Parish. The band have been wearing them on the tour, lined up like members of some obscure and slightly ominous political party, which seems no more than appropriate. I have no idea what the monkey is supposed to signify, but I thought it was quite fun, and not expensive, so I bought one.

The question then arises of when one might wear it. After a bit of consideration I settled on the release dates of PJH's albums, although this means some bunching at certain times of the year and stretches of time when the badge will not appear (most of the dates are Spring or Autumn). A small amusement.

'It's much better than a band t-shirt,' commented Ms Formerly Aldgate. 'Nobody should wear those after a certain age.' I haven't worn a t-shirt since I was 14, but that may not be the age she meant.

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