Saturday, 28 April 2012


Three small accoutrements acquired from the antique warehouse today: a vaguely St Catherine wheel-shaped horse brass, an old chemist's bottle (Tincture of Rhubarb seems a highly appropriate dose for a clergyman) and a small figure of St Dunstan gripping the devil's nose in a pair of pincers.
I've also finally managed to frame and get onto the walls three pictures that have been waiting for attention for months. Zoe Monday's icon of St Catherine is now in the hall:
Ms Francis's Christmas card with her lithographic version of a William Morris angel is now in the "childrens' room" upstairs:
And the headache cure advert I got from a North Welsh antique shop last year is in the dining room. I cracked the glass but I was in no frame of mind for that to make any difference.

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  1. And of course this is the best way to cure coughs:

    Just what every member of the clergy needs from time to time...